Understanding How To Prepare For Your PTE Test

Understanding How To Prepare For Your PTE Test

As with any test you take in life, preparation is the key to achieving your best performance. Preparation is something that takes time, hard work and commitment, so you can’t expect to quickly skim through this course and pass straight away. You must first understand:

  • The total length of the test, including each of the three sections and the various question types.
  • The differences between each of the question types.
  • The requirements of each question type, including the skills being assessed and how they are scored.
  • Your own strengths and weaknesses.


The Purpose Of This Course

The purpose of this course is to prepare you to successfully take the PTE-A Test. As the PTE-A test can be used for many different purposes, success in this regard can be measured in many ways. For example, if you only require 55 or above, your measurement of success will be different to someone who requires 75 or above. Therefore, this course may be used by a range of different levels and is designed to provide the best possible preparation for the test.

Firstly and foremost, PTE is a test of your English level. This means that if your general English level is not at the required degree, then in most cases you probably won’t achieve your goal. You have many options to improve your general English level such as self-study online, listening to music in English, watching movies and so on; however, the most effective and efficient way is in a classroom with a teacher studying a general English course.

A lot of General English courses are written with reference to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). This means that if you are studying at an English Language School at an Intermediate level, then you are more than likely studying at a B1+ level, which would place you at approximately 38-42 in a PTE-A Test. If you require 65 or higher, this means that you should focus more on your General English level first before attempting the test. Ask your teacher what equivalent CEFR level you are studying at so you have an idea of where you currently are and how much time it will take to achieve your goal.

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